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Discstation launches DISC-GO-DEVIL disc repair machine

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Discstation has released a new disc repair machine, DISC-GO-DEVIL. The accelerated performance technology of the Disc-Go-Devil features advanced disc repair in one stage, allowing users to complete a repair cycle without changing polishing pads.

The Disc-Go-Devil is easy to use. According to Discstation, the machine users should just fill the machine’s pump reservoir with polish, load the disc, press start and let it run, simple and fast.

The Disc-Go-Devil has two key features that set it apart from other disc repair machines. The soft touch controls allow users to easily change the time settings for the repair cycle, users can program a buffing/cleaning cycle of just 15 seconds, through to a heavy scratch damage repair cycle of up to 8 minutes long.

The second good feature is that users do not have a screw-down knob to hold discs in place, discs are just placed in the machine, close the lid, and press start.

When the disc repair cycle is finished, it is simply removed from the tray and replaced with the next disc for repair. This feature makes DISC-GO-DEVIL a machine that all DVD rental store staff can use, quickly and easily, with a minimum of training, no mess, and no fuss.

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