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Lifestyle support services from Disability Services Australia

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Disability Services Australia  is one of the largest and respected providers of community and employment support services for people with disability. Disability Services Australia provides support for more than 1300 people. Disability Services Australia focuses to meet the individual needs of the people and there by achieving positive outcomes.

The various services provided by Disability Services Australia include lifestyle services, community participation and transition to work, specialist intervention service, four factory sites, labour outplacement service, open employment and supported services and employment service especially for mental illness people.

The lifestyle support services offered by Disability Services Australia supports the individuals with disability sharing a house or living on their own or with family to maintain and gain daily living skills. It helps to maintain a home and possessions and manage shared and personal budgets. The lifestyle service also provides access to day time activities and develops relationships in the community. It also helps to maintain relationships with friends and family and live healthy active lives.

Disability Services Australia’s lifestyle support is funded to provide two types of support that include shared support and community living and drop-in support. In shared support, people with disability and living together share the support of trained and qualified staff when they are at home or while engaged in everyday activities.

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