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Melting, heat treatment and shot blast process from Dinning Foundries

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The various process carried down by Dinning Foundries are melting, moulding, shot blast and heat treatment. Heat treatment process includes annealing, normalizing, tempering and stress relieving. A 2.2 x 2.2 x 2.2 m programmable gas fired furnace is used by Dinning Foundries for its operation and offers facilities that can be used for machine shops and metal fabrications.

Dinning Foundries’ shot blast facilities include 4000 x 4000 x 2400 ‘walk in’ blast room and a rotating roto blast for small castings. Dinning Foundries uses two 2 tonne electric induction melting furnaces with the capacity to pour 5.5 tonnes net of iron in a single pour and 1.5 tonnes net of steel. From the moulding process, 2off 4 tonne per hour and 1off 15 tonne per hour continuous sand mixers moulds in hard sand are produced in various sizes.

The other services provided by Dinning Foundries include point of installation such as NDT, pattern making and general. NDT includes die penetrant, radiograph, mag particle, ultrasonic, spectrographic analysis and hardness. Patter making includes metal, timber, plastics and polystyrene materials and general services include shot blast, painting, machining, fitting and assembly.

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