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High integrity castings from Dinning Foundries

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Dinning Foundries  specialises in the supply of different types of castings. These castings have been manufactured using iron and steel. Dinning Foundries has been supplying castings for about 60 years. Various industries catered by Dinning Foundries include mining, petrochemical, general engineering as well as smelting industries. Different types of castings provided by Dinning Foundries comply with industry standards.

High integrity castings from Dinning Foundries have been manufactured by employing sophisticated technologies. Diverse range of castings supplied by Dinning Foundries include general engineering castings and corrosion heat as well as wear resistant castings in conjunction with other products such as crushing hammers, wear liners, pump components, sprockets, gears and earth engaging equipment.

Dinning Foundries also supplies different types of alloys. These alloys include cast and ductile iron, Martensitic white iron, abrasion resistant white iron, plain carbon as well as low alloy steel, chrome moly as well as chrome moly nickel steel and manganese steel. Several manufacturing process offered by Dinning Foundries include shot blast, heat treatment, moulding and melting process.

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