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Duplex winders and two drum winders from Dimension 1

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Dimension 1  offers high quality perfect cutting technology. Dimension 1's two drum winders convert large quantities of papers and boards to non-wooven products and tissues. Its minimum slit width is 9mm, and have maximum roll width of 2550mm, unwind and rewind core diameters are 75-305 mm and 12-305mm respectively, maximum unwind diameter and maximum rewind diameters are 2000mm and 1500mm. It operates under maximum speed of 1500m/min.

Duplex winders convert large rolls of flexible packaging, foils, polyethylene, polypropylene, papers and laminates to a narrow roll. Its minimum slit width is 15mm, maximum roll width is 1800mm, maximum unwind and rewind diameter is 1000mm and 800mm. Unwind and rewind core diameters are 50mm-305mm and 50mm-150mm respectively. It operational speed is 450m/min. With the help of auto wrapping machine all finished rolls are automatically taken to the wrapping section and shrink wrapping is done automatically and ejects the wrapped material out. All the processes are highly equipped to facilitate in the production of good quality job and timely delivery. Dimension 1 provides other facilities like electronic shock control, warehousing, transport co-ordination, customized labelling, complete JIT service, damaged roll recovery, 24 hour operation.

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