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Universal sensor offers versatile measurement

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article image The Universal 3D Sensor.

THE universal 3D sensor released by Dimac Tooling , is a precision, versatile measuring instrument for use on milling and erosion machines.

Its function is to set up workpieces by positioning milling spindles or electrode heads quickly and accurately on the edges of the workpiece, jig or fixture, the machine coordinates enabled and lengths measured.

The compact universal sensor weighs only 0.8kg and is installed simply by clamping the sensor with its chuck in the spindle or erosion head.

Once installed the milling spindles or electrode heads can be positioned quickly and exactly on the edges of the workpiece, the machine coordination system facilitated and lengths measured.

The dial gauge always deflects into the same direction and indicates the distance between the spindle axis and workpiece edge.

As soon as the gauge shows zero, the spindle axis is exactly on the workpiece edge.

While the sensor is pre-set when assembled the concentricity is readjusted in the machine where the measurements are to be made.

This enables errors in concentricity from the machine spindle or chuck to be optimally balanced.

The Universal Sensor also permits height measurements and the lengths of finished products, together with centering and measurement of drillings or shafts to be undertaken with the one process.

As a precision and versatile measuring instrument the sensor is maintenance free and as a mechanical unit offers a very high level of measuring exactness to both plus or minus 0.01mm in the radial and axial planes.

It immediately yields a productivity bonus without the need for trials or calculations and assists machine operators.

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