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Near-dry machining with CNC machine tools

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article image Semi-dry cut system

DIMAC Tooling has released the MQL semidry cut system IV, giving good cutting and surface finish results, with extended cutter life. It can be used to machine magnesium, titanium, stainless, alloys, aluminium, nonferrous metals, hardened dies and moulds, along with most exotic metals.

The system creates a fine mist which coats cutters with a film of the Ultima vegetable oil without waste or the attendant problems of disposal of contaminated or spent coolants.

The micromist is created using an 0.6MPa maximum pressure air supply, through a standard 1mm nozzle. This creates a jet stream through the spindle of a machining centre or through the turret of a CNC turning centre.

The air delivery system aids in cooling the cutter as well as dislodging chips and improving the surface finish. The oil to air ratio is automatically maintained while changing tools with different nozzle sizes, allowing a constant mist density.

The Ultima vegetable oil is a nonhazardous product of low viscosity and extreme lubricity. It does not cause staining or corrosion on aluminium and nonferrous metals. Typical usage rates for the oil are from 1cc/h to 100cc/h.

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