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Multi-Task Gantry Loaders with Integrated Magazine Bar Loader from Dimac Tooling

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Dimac Tooling  offers a range of multi-task gantry loaders developed by Samsys in Germany.  

Winning Sam gantry loaders are designed for the automatic loading and unloading of billets, shafts, casting parts and bars. The compact gantry loaders have a floor area requirement of only 2.25m x 2.25m.  

Winning Sam gantry loaders are a line of universal loaders that allow the automatic loading and unloading of slugs, shafts and form parts. Winning Sam multi-task gantry loaders also provide the option to reverse the parts over in order to machine the other side on single-spindle lathes.  

Winning Sam can be used to feed round or profiled bar stock with the additional option of recovering the machined parts, separating chips and stocking fragile parts in a part magazine.  

Winning Sam multi-task loaders recover end of bar scrap and separate it from chips and machined parts. It is still possible to pass parts on to a part control station interfaced with the lathe in automatic mode.  

The loader design is based on a 3-axis gantry to which a bar loader and one or several part/ bar storage magazines have been integrated. The gantry is responsible for feeding the slugs as well as unloading and storing machined parts. The bar loader is mounted on horizontal and vertical axes, which allow easy pick-up and positioning of bar stock.  

The third axis manages the insertion of the bars into the spindle and material feeding. The gantry recovers the parts and end of bar scrap.  

With the gantry’s rapid feed up to 90m/min and 60m/min for the bar loader, Winning Sam allows quick loading or unloading of parts and bar stock.  

A large touch-screen and teach-in mode for initial and final positions make programming easy and facilitate fast start-up and change over, making the multi-task gantry loaders suitable for small and medium-sized production batches.

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