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Heavy duty grease cartridge

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article image Dimac’s EP grease 450 gram cartridge.

POWER Chucks on CNC machines require a heavy duty grease for efficient operation. However a convenient grease supply has not always been accessible.

Dimac Tooling has addressed this by producing a 450 gram cartridge of heavy duty EP grease for power chucks in addition to one kilo and 16 kilo tins.

The EP grease is specially formulated to resist washout by coolants, has high adhesion to prevent excessive loss from centrifugal force, and its moly film formulation provides lubrication even under extreme pressure.

The cartridge pack enables convenient application without wastage or creation of a mess.

The EP grease is also compatible with other mineral oil based lubricants.

Paul Fowler, general manager of Dimac Tooling, said that the service life of power chucks could be significantly increased by regular greasing and the clamping force was also improved by reduced friction.

"While the recommendations of the chuck manufacturer should be consulted for their recommended greasing method and frequency, most manufacturers typically recommend that the chuck should be greased at the commencement of each shift."

The EP grease is easily applied using a conventional cartridge style gun.

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