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Hard turning gets easier

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article image Six to ten times longer life.

GERMAN manufacturer Neidlein, represented by Dimac Tooling , has changed approaches to hard turning with the proven performance of its Neidlein micro-serrated and hard coated drive pins.

Until recently, it had been difficult to have successful clamping devices that could be used for hard turning operations of hardened work pieces, while at the same time machining the entire workpiece in a single operation.

Neidlein GmbH has now developed an effective solution for hard turning with its micro-serrated and hard coated drive pins that can be used with the mechanical Neidlein system.

This new technology has proved its abilities in the past two years with longer tool life and the combined safety process.

If care and attention is paid to all influencing parameters, circular run outs of less than 0.002mm can be ensured for a long period of time. Life expectancy is six to ten times longer than diamond coated drive pins.

The new pins are safer than diamond coated pins, which can shatter under the rigours of working conditions.

In addition, they allow for a smaller surface area of workpieces and if the workpiece should happen to slip the serrated pins can be used again, unlike diamond coated pins.

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