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Face drivers enable single operation machining

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article image Can turn, grind, mill or hard turn the entire outside diameter of a workpiece in one operation.

DIMAC Tooling has released Neidlein face drivers, allowing the entire contour length of a workpiece to be machined in one operation.

Numerous benefits can accrue as a result, from avoiding the need for a second operation, with heavy cuts being achieved at high accuracy, to quick loading and clamping, effectively reducing machine downtime.

The design of the face driver compensates for non-perpendicular workpieces. Faces with rough-sawn pieces out by as much as 3º can still be driven effectively. The face drivers quickly grip and turn a workpiece from its end. They are suitable for turning, grinding, milling, hobbing and other primary and secondary turning applications.

Their self-centring ability allows workpieces to be loaded in the machine and clamped in only a few seconds. The mounting configurations available allow quick and easy changing from chucking to face driving.

Two basic face driver styles and mounting configurations are available, with the right choice largely determined by the machine type and how often changeovers will occur. The two basic choices are a tapered shank (Type SB) or a flange-mount (Type FSB). Both can be mounted either directly to a spindle or chuck and a mounting adapter may or may not be required. Drive pins are used to grip the end of the workpiece in the most effective fashion for the given axial forces.

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