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ErP-ready air cleaners available from Dimac Tooling

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Dimac Tooling offers a range of German-made air cleaners and oil mist separators that meet the requirements of the ErP directive adopted by the European Union as part of the Kyoto Protocol.

Dimac Tooling supplies REVEN Recojet oil mist separators and Rejet-A air cleaners, which are highly efficient mechanical air filtering units using the X-Cyclone mechanical separating system.

The Australian Government’s Clean Energy Future has set a goal to cut pollution by at least 5% compared with 2000 levels by 2020, which will require cutting net expected pollution by at least 23% in 2020.

The Australian Government has also committed to a long-term target to cut pollution by 80% below 2000 levels by 2050.

Following the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol, the European Union has undertaken to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 20% by 2020.

The ErP Directive (Energy-related Products Directive) was adopted by the EU to achieve this climate goal. The new directive helps with studying the savings potential of numerous energy-related products and stipulating minimum requirements, with limits for electrical fans defined in June 2010.

Fans are used in many areas of manufacturing as well as in several in-design products, resulting in potential cuts in CO2 emissions in several countries including Australia thanks to the ErP directive. For instance, machine tool-based mist extractors use fans and will be subject to these new directives.

REVEN GmbH is now delivering its complete range of air cleaners with fans and motors that fulfil the ErP directive. Also known as mist extractors, these air cleaners now wear the green ErP-ready sticker.

The REVEN Recojet oil mist separators and Rejet-A air cleaners enable air pollutants and contaminants from oil, emulsions and other fluids to be efficiently separated from the ambient air as aerosols.

The REVEN air cleaners are benefiting many Australian manufacturers because the units require almost no maintenance and have low power consumption.

Key updates in the energy-efficient ErP version of REVEN air cleaners:

  • Motor is moved outside of the air stream, leading to higher motor lifespan 
  • More compact door design offers greater resistance to oil and water 
  • Completely welded fan housing is 100% oil- and water-proof

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