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Dimac’s Open House Highlights Productivity Gains through High-Pressure Coolant

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article image A range of machine tool accessories on display at Dimac's Open House

Dimac Tooling  recently held a 2-day Open House event at their office in Mulgrave, VIC for over 60 Melbourne-based manufacturers.

The Open House aimed to help local manufacturers learn more about how Dimac’s latest machine tool accessories could help them achieve productivity gains as well as make their workshops more innovative and environment-friendly.

The DIMAC Open House event was held from 8 to 9 February 2011.

Technologies demonstrated at the event included collet chucks, soft jaws, coolant evaporators, fixturing and workholding solutions as well as the Australian-made swarf crusher and DIMAC service products. 

DIMAC also took the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of their high-pressure coolant product.

To demonstrate the benefits of applying high-pressure coolant using the on-demand coolant system made by Cooljet, DIMAC set up a horizontal machining centre retrofitted with a range of accessories.

Apart from the high-pressure coolant, the machine was fitted with a mist extractor, a spin window for clear visibility into the machine, a Renishaw probe, an oil skimmer and the Zebra Oasis coolant maintenance system.

DIMAC Director Paul Fowler explains that significant heat is generated at the tool and workpiece interface during the metal cutting processes, primarily from the effects of friction, which can be detrimental to the tool and the workpiece.

With the on-demand Cooljet coolant system, cutting fluids are pumped to pressures of 1000psi (70 bar) or more, and are accurately directed to the cutting zone through an appropriate nozzle. The resultant jet stream of coolant is able to penetrate the high temperature cutting zone, delivering vital lubricants to the cut.

He adds that reduced friction decreases the temperatures dramatically, which is very evident by observing the well-formed chips produced without heat discolouration.

The coolant system also effectively forces chips away from the cutting area especially in deep-hole drilling or pocket machining applications.

The benefits were demonstrated to visiting manufacturers at the Open House show through live drilling operations.

Using a Dormer solid carbide drill, the machining centre drilled 8mm diameter holes, 75mm deep at 3500revs/min with a 0.26 feed/rev.

The whole process only took 6 seconds, which would normally take around 1.15 minutes.

According to Mr Fowler, reducing process cycle times by applying high-pressure coolant can significantly extend tool life in addition to increasing the quality of the cut.

Key applications of the high-pressure coolant include drilling, grooving, boring and cutting of hard metals with high nickel content to small tooling applications. 

In order to deal with the huge amount of oil used and swarf produced during machining processes, DIMAC also demonstrated a range of coolant maintenance products on the same machining centre over the two days.

DIMAC offers an oil skimmer to skim up the surface oil coming from the sideway lubrication system. The oil is skimmed on the belt and comes out of the unit into a gravity separator.

The oil comes out of the back of the machine while the coolant is returned to the machine.

A coolant maintenance system called the Zebra Oasis system is connected to the machine via two hoses.

By skimming off the top of the surface, all the oil is picked up by the diaphragm pump and the dirty coolant comes up through a pre-filter into a settling tank, settling the oil out.

The resultant clean coolant is picked up from the tank, comes through a 5-micron replaceable filter and returns the clean coolant back to the machine.

The coolant maintenance system keeps the coolant in good condition and can prolong its life for up to 3 years.

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