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Dimac Tooling supplies EZset tool presetters

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New EZset tool presetters, distributed in Australia by Dimac Tooling , are designed to significantly improve CNC machine productivity with the use of accurate and integrated calibration edges.

These tool presetters give each tool a label that states the measurement results. This information can be stored into the machine, allowing for consistent and reliable results each time.

Designed to deliver long maintenance free services, the toll presetters feature:

  • Bosh pneumatics
  • THK guideways
  • Heidenhain glass scales (in X and Z with 1um resolution); and
  • circulated ball bearings for smooth running.
The complete EZset system including adapter tray, utensil tray and label printer is delivered inside its own ergonomic, space saving table, making it easy to install and use.

The simple intuitive operation of the Image Controller 1 vision system is achieved through the unique EZ pick-and-push button. Corresponding symbols clearly show the 6.5” TFT monitor, additionally a short explanation appears as text.

EZset tool presetters are capable of producing five precise measurement print outs that range from length to diameter, radius, and cutting angle 1 and 2.

The CNC tooling machinery can also perform:

  • edge inspection
  • zero point monitoring
  • measure concentricity/axial run out;
  • and measurement results with target values.
Target values can be easily defined with EZset tool presetters. By switching the counter mode to absolute measure, differential measure or chain measure, users can easily gauge any angle and step required.

Once measurements have been obtained, they can be printed onto a label via the label printer situated under the controller and placed on the tool for easy reference.

The EZset range of tool presetters is available in three models - the EZgo400 for smaller shops, the EZset 400 and EZset 600 each for larger shops.

All have three levels of control depending on your requirements. All units have optional data output packages for data transfer from the tool presetters to CNC machinery.

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