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Dimac Tooling now distributor for Freddy industrial vacuums and cleaners

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Dimac Tooling has recently been appointed the agent for the range of Freddy vacuum and recycling cleaners.

Dimac Tooling is Australia and New Zealand's leading supplier of accessories and workholding solutions for CNC milling and CNC turning machine tools.

A well known and respected UK based company established in 1962, Freddy supplied international markets with the renowned Mark I filtration machines, originally complementing the de la Pena Oil brand. Since then the company has designed and manufactured the entire Freddy family of industrial vacuums and coolant filtration machines.

Coolant used in machine tools is exposed to fines, swarf and dissolved metals, leading to contamination that can create bacteria and fungus. The contamination not only reduces the life of the coolant, but will also need to be replaced more frequently.

A Freddy vacuum removes the coolant at the rate of two litres a second, filters out the potentially contaminated fines and swarf, and then returns the cleaned coolant to the machine for re-use, enabling the coolant to last longer. Dimac Managing Director, Paul Fowler explains that maintaining the coolant can really improve the company’s bottom line by saving money on new coolant, protecting the investment in expensive machine tools, and safeguarding the health of employees.

Using contaminated coolant can be detrimental for employees causing possible problems such as dermatitis, bronchitis and occupational asthma. When cleaning the coolant, it is advised that employees be provided with suitable protective equipment, and a Freddy vacuum to extract the coolant and remove the contaminants safely, minimising any potential WH&S risks.

Mr Fowler adds that machine tools can also suffer from the use of contaminated coolant through tool wear. A Freddy vacuum can protect a company’s investment in machine tools costing hundreds of thousands of dollars by ensuring all contaminants and debris are cleared from even the most awkward to reach places, thereby reducing downtime and expensive maintenance.

Dimac has over 30 years of experience in CNC machine tool accessories and represents several highly respected brands such as Kitagawa, Cooljet, Jergens and Eron. The company also manufactures soft and hard jaws in their own CNC equipped machine shop.

All Dimac products including Freddy are supported by the full service backup and support of Dimac technical personnel to ensure the right product is specified for the job and the machine delivers optimum performance.

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