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PC automation applications from Digital Graphics

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Digital Graphics  specialises in PC automation applications that include home and industrial automation. Digital Graphics offers schematic capture services and contract printed circuit board designs. Digital Graphics sells quality embedded system development tools such as programming adapters, programmers, logic analysers and Pascal compliers from Xeltek, Intronix, logical systems, Dataman and E-lab computers. Apart from the above products, Digital Graphics also offers personal service and expert advice.

Digital Graphics, established in the year 1976 has years experience in the fields of embedded technology (software and hardware), personal computer, telecommunications, information technology and education skills. Digital Graphics offers printed circuit board design and circuit capture services on contract basis.

The various products offered by Digital Graphics include device programmers, logic analyser, AVR pascal, AVR programmers and socket adapters. Prototyping socket adapters from Digital Graphics include programming adapters, prototyping adapters and emulator adapters. Programming adapters consists of a PSOP/TSOP/SOIC/PLCC socket on top and DIP pins on the bottom. The prototyping adapters from Digital Graphics allow using a surface mount chip with a DIP position and emulator adapter’s plugs DIP emulator ribbon PLCC socket.

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