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Keyless digital locks from Digital Door Locks

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Digital Door Locks  also specialises in providing a range of keyless locks such as, keyless digital door locks and keyless entry door suitable for use in residential and commercial places. These keyless digital door locks open and close with one touch and a voice command.

This keyless digital lock is easy to use for seniors and children because of its one touch operation feature. These digital locks consist of a sliding type keypad cover which helps to prevent all kinds of password leakage

The doors can be accessed using touch screen or password. The keypads are designed using high strength materials and therefore are durable. The doors can be locked either automatically or manually and in case of any forced door entry or damage of the locks, a break in alarm is available.

These keyless digital locks from Digital Door Locks have self checking function which checks the status of the system and alerts the user in the event of low battery power and malfunctions. In the event of wrong password entry for 5 times the system comes to a halt for five minutes.

Another product from Digital Door Locks is the keyless entry door locks which is a main lock with handle. These locks can be accessed either with a magnetic key or password. These keyless entry door locks from Digital Door Locks are weather proof and can be used in both indoors and outdoors.

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