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Digga introduces new Ground Shark heavy duty hydraulic rotary axe

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Digga  Australia introduces a new hydraulically driven attachment for skid steer loaders designed for large-scale land clearing applications.
The Digga Ground Shark is a hydraulic heavy duty rotary axe that combines both slasher and mulcher capabilities, and has the unique ability to cut trees up to 18cm in diameter and mulch material in one pass, making it ideal for a wide range of ground-clearing tasks in a variety of terrains.
The Digga Ground Shark hydraulic rotary axe is suitable for use on skid steer loaders fitted with a multifit (universal) attachment mounting, with a 1-tonne lift capacity and a hydraulic capacity ranging from 115 litres to 170 litres per minute.
The Ground Shark’s cutting performance comes from an innovative design feature, which sees the front of the attachment folding upwards when it comes up against a tree, exposing the blades further. The blades are designed with the sharp edges alternating between top and bottom, which provide an axe-like cutting action to chop through trees up to 18cm in diameter.
Lionel Smitka, Digga Australia’s Marketing Manager explains that the Ground Shark has been introduced to the Australian market based on its ability to take on a multitude of land clearing tasks, especially with the approaching summer, which is peak bushfire season. He adds that the Ground Shark is suitable for a wide range of tasks from clearing fire trails to clearing land for commercial, residential and infrastructure related projects, making it ideal for local councils and construction companies alike.
Key features of Ground Shark heavy duty hydraulic rotary axe:

  • Weighs in at 911kg
  • Powered by a durable, direct drive motor
  • Capable of working at pressures of up to 275 Bar
  • Fitted with an easy-to-read pressure gauge to enable operators to monitor machine performance from the cab
  • Four 1.9cm hardened steel blades rotate and swing back, similar to the blades on standard rotary cutters
  • Underside of the cutter wheel uses the same carbide teeth featured on the Digga stump grinders
  • Cuts tree trunks down and grinds the stumps down to as low as one centimetre above ground level
  • High quality powder coat finish keeps the steel deck clear of debris and eases cleaning of the attachment
  • Heavy duty design with low centre of gravity ensures stability when working on inclines and steep slopes

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