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Peanut butter and biscuits from Dick Smith Foods

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Dick Smith Foods  offers a wide range of food products that include sweet biscuits, cracker biscuits, canola oil, peanut butter and bush foods breakfast. Dick Smith Foods believes in offering quality food products to its customers. The company also supports many charitable organisations such as Salvation Army, Care Australia and The Smith Family and thus proves its corporate social responsibility.

Dick Smith Foods strives to offer tasty food products and offers a gamut of grocery items. Dick Smith Foods offers melting moment biscuits that have been prepared to enrich the customers with the rich taste of biscuits. The biscuits are prepared by an old style manufacturer who prepares these biscuits in the traditional manner for the benefit of the customers.

The melting moment biscuits offered by Dick Smith Foods are backed and hand crafted using the finest ingredients. Vanilla cream is sandwiched between two pulp biscuits so that the handmade taste offers delight to the biscuit lovers. The new melting moments biscuits offers a special taste as it has be manufactured after testing for many years.

Dick Smith Foods offer peanut butter that can be tasted by everyone, be it young or old. The peanut butter from Dick Smith Foods contains no animal fat and also has less sugar levels for the benefits of health conscious consumers.

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