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YAG Laser Beam Expander 1064nm & 532nm

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The new DBX-1064/532 laser beam expanders from Dioptika contain a  large output, which reduces optical loss and is idea for laser applications where either a small spot is required at long distances or a large collimated output beam is required.  It offers variable focus and can focus from 1m to infinity.

With a length of only 103mm for the 20X expander, the DBX laser beam expander is the most compact large output laser beam expander available.  They are ideal for industrial, scientific, R&D and OEM requirements. The laser beam expander offers a wide variety of mounting options and allow direct fitting of a diode laser module up to a maximum diameter of 26mm to be fitted directly in the back. 

In addition they also have a range of imperial and metric mounting holes on the base to accept mounting posts or screwing down onto a fixed surface. The YAG laser beam expander also offers the added flexibility and cost advantage of being able to easily change the expansion ratio between 10X, 15X and 20X by simply changing the rear attachment.  Custom beam expanders are available upon request.

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