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Laser safety glasses available from DiOptika

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DiOptika’s  new range of laser safety glasses provides protection against Nd:YAG, CO2, infrared and visible diode lasers, green Diode Pumped Solid State lasers, Ruby, Argon and Excimer lasers.

The laser safety glasses are lightweight, fit-over normal prescription glasses and provide good visible light transmission.

The laser safety glasses also have protective side shields to stop stray laser light while allowing the inside of the glasses to breath therefore stopping them mist up.

In addition to the standard block out laser safety glasses, there are also visible laser alignment glasses that attenuate the light to a safe level, while still allowing some visibility of the laser beam. This is particularly useful when aligning or using low power visible red or green lasers.

The complete range is CE marked and compliant with Australian and New Zealand laser safety standard AS1337.4.

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