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Shrink tunnels and pallet packaging materials from Dextron (Heatshrink)

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Dextron (Heatshrink) , a division of Readblade offers pallet packaging materials. The shrinkfast 975 gun is a model that gives protection and five sided strength to any pallet load. This equipment, besides offering dust and water protection for the products, also offers more holding strength. Thus it can be used as an alternative for banding or stretchwrapping. This machine from Dextron (Heatshrink) simplifies load identification and reduces pilferage and thus can be ideally used for many applications.

The supags shrinkgas gun from Dextron (Heatshrink) is also a cost effective product and it comes with preset regulator and 8 metre hose which makes it a durable option. This machine also comes with features like safety switch and self igniting. Dextron (Heatshrink) also offers service and spare parts facilities along with the machine.

Dextron (Heatshrink) offers semipack S560-venus, which is a shrink packaging machine. It comes with features like automatic hood reopening, heat-shrinking and digital microprocessor control sealing, which makes it a durable product. This machine is easy to operate as it requires the hood to be lowered for sealing and shrinking.

Dextron (Heatshrink) offers jet pack shrink tunnels that come in fully automatic and semi automatic series and in two different models.

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