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Shrink packaging machines from Dextron (Heatshrink)

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Incorporated in 1980’s, Dextron (Heatshrink) is a division of Readblade, which offers a wide range of plastics, packaging and shrink films. Dextron (Heatshrink) is engaged in the distribution of packaging materials and with its wide experience it is able to serve a wide customer base. The staffs at Dextron (Heatshrink) discuss the requirements of the customers and then arrive at a solution so that they can cater to the specific needs. The customers are supplied with the right machines as per their needs and Dextron (Heatshrink) are also engaged in the supply of spares, services and materials to its customers.

Dextron (Heatshrink) offers shrink packaging machines that includes shrink-a-pack. This comes as an affordable option and can be used to give a good look and finish to the gift packs and promotional materials. The shrink-a-pack machine from Dextron (Heatshrink) has been designed to shrink wrap and heat seal the gifts and promotional materials with comfort and this also gives a professional look. The machine can also be used for transparent shrink wrapping so that the product is protected against any kind of tampering, soilage or moisture. This machine from Dextron (Heatshrink) is available in three different lengths so as to meets individual needs and it comes with a built-in sealing timer and thus is ready to use as it requires no pre-heating.

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