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Multi-layered shrink films from Dextron (Heatshrink)

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Dextron (Heatshrink) , a division of Readblade offers shrinking films that are available in two different forms anmely PVC shrinks films and Cryovac Polyolefin shrink films. The PVC shrink films from Dextron (Heatshrink) can be used for all kinds of shrink applications. The PVC film, which has low haze, makes sure that the product appears clear thus giving it a neat look. The PVC shrink films from Dextron (Heatshrink) also have tensile properties that protects it against pilfering and tampering, thereby ensuring the integrity of the products.

The cryovac polyolefin shrink films offered by Dextron (Heatshrink) are specialty shrink films which are also multi-layered. Based on the unique requirements of the specific applications, these films are designed so that it can offer specific packaging benefits to the customers. Cryovac polyolefin shrink films from Dextron (Heatshrink) can be used by consumer goods and industrial manufacturers so that their products are ensure safety through packaging equipment solutions offered by Dextron (Heatshrink).

Dextron (Heatshrink) offers cryovac impact shrink films, which can be used to pack hardware, houseware and toys and other such tough materials. This can also be used to pack goods that need pack-ons and add-ons.

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