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Keylock pallet storage system available

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Keylock is a technologically advanced pallet storage system. Keylock was developed by an international team and is designed. Every component of the Keylock system has been design and engineered to fit stringent design criteria and global standards.

Strength is added where necessary. Enhanced design features for greater flexibility and versatility. Improved impact resistance. Made it easier to construct and dismantle. And made it safer to build and to use.

Keylock is a system that comes together, perfectly. Keylock’s engineered to perform above it’s stated criteria. And more importantly, Keylock’s professionally tested time and time again to ensure it does.

Uprights and beams feature revolutionary new profiles. The unique contours and new technologies such as tox stitching provide a load bearing capacity that far exceeds conventional designs. The symmetrically stiffened upright and beam profiles maximise load bearing strength and improve damage resistance.

There’s an extensive range of beams available from conventional and channel beams though to a revolutionary new I-Beam. Frame and beam sections come in a variety of sizes to accommodate light and heavy duty needs. Designed from the ground up to be more versatile.

Uprights bear the full load of the pallet racking system. The transfer of rack loads from the beams though the uprights is therefore critical to overall system strength, safety and performance. The Keylock upright is designed to carry the rack load on the front face – without twisting, distorting or stressing metal. 

The profile of the slots transfers the load vertically down the upright and allows beams to connect without being wedged in so that the side loads are not imposed on the upright by the beam end connector. 

Keylock uprights have a significantly deeper flange (side face) than other conventional racking systems, providing greater overall strength and rigidity and greater resistance to lateral impact damage.
Additional holes have been added to the back of the upright so base plates can be fitted lower down for improved strength and rigidity.

Uprights feature a symmetrically stiffened profile to maximise load bearing strength and structural robustness of the racking,

Uprights are available in lengths up to 8 metres and fit easily together to meet any height requirement, and they are reversible.

Should accidental damage occur, it is restructure to the obvious areas, rather than being transmitted throughout the racking structure.

There is an extensive range of baseplates from 4mm to 12mm thick.

Full range of beams

Keylock includes a full range of beams that includes the revolutionary I-Beam, the world standard setting Dexion Boxed Beam and a range of special application beams including open, channel, stepped and RHS beams. 

The revolutionary i-beam 

At the hear of the Keylock system is Dexion’s I-Beam – a revolutionary design that has enabled a significant reduction in weight to improve handling and construction without compromising resistance to damage or load capacity. 

The I-Beam profile distributes weight evenly around the total perimeter of the section, reducing areas of excessive stress, and thus optimising load carrying capacity.

The I-Beam is structurally more efficient than conventional box beams of the same weight, so the same load can be carried by an I-Beam that is lighter, easier to handle and quicker to construct.

The I-Beam is designed to resist lateral loads and accidental damage.

Using a patented new system known as Tox Stitching, a strong, rigid beam that actually strengthens the structure is created. Unlike a tack welded box beam, the tox stitched I-Beam will not part with lateral pressure.

The boxed beam 

Dexion created the first boxed beam, and the world followed. But Keylock boxed beam is again streets ahead of the competition.

The Keylock boxed beam is a robust design strengthened by unique rolled flanges. The two sections that form the beam are joined down its entire length.

Conventional boxed beams are often little more that two channels tack welded together. Even a slight lateral impact can cause these channels to separate. 

The beam is well connected 

The connector is the vital link between the pallet rack’s load bearing beams and uprights. The Keylock connector created a clearway between the side flange of the upright and the beam ensuring the load is safely carried on the front face of the upright where it belongs without ever touching or loading the side of the upright. 

Unique dexion safety lock system 

An automatic safety lock engages the second the connector clicks into place, so there’s no change of beams and uprights accidentally parting.

The Dexion safety lock is designed to prevent inadvertent dislodging of a beam through careless operation.  It is also designed to sheer when excessive load is applied, thus preventing damage.

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