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I-Beam key to new racking system

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article image The I-Beam -- structurally more efficient.

DEXION has totally redesigned its range of Keylock racking systems using new upright and beam profiles to provide greater structural strength and higher load-bearing capacities. Yet the new design retains complete compatibility with previous Keylock systems.

The most significant feature is the unique I-Beam, which has enabled a significant increase in strength-to-weight ratio to improve handling, ease of construction and resistance to damage.

The new I-Beam profile, which is structurally more efficient than conventional box beams of the same weight, distributes the load evenly around the total perimeter of the section, reducing areas of excessive stress and optimising load carrying capacity.

Consequently, the new are lighter, easier to handle and quicker to install than conventional systems for specified load bearing capacities.

Using a patented system known as Tox Stitching, Dexion has created a rigid beam that actually strengthens the structure.

The new Keylock system is also available in a full range of boxed, open, channel, stepped and RHS beams to cover all other storage and general use requirements.

Boxed beams have been totally re-engineered to include an additional, rolled flange to strengthen the parts under most stress. This feature is exclusive to Dexion within the Australian market.

Dexion's safety lock system on the Keylock racking, which is designed to prevent accidental dislodgment of beams, will shear when more than 1200kg of uplift is applied.

This feature is aimed at preventing large scale damage to racking and stock, as well as injury to personnel.

The automatic safety lock, which complies with Australian Standard AS4084 (Steel Storage Racking Code), engages as soon as the connector clicks into place.

Constructed from high quality steel, the uprights of the system feature symetrically stiffened profiles, which maximise load bearing strength and structural robustness and improve damage resistance.

Uprights are available in one piece lengths up to 12 metres in three grades/sizes, providing up to 12 sections in the range. They fit easily together to meet any height requirement. The uprights, which are also reversible, fit into a new range of baseplates.

The Keylock racking system is covered by Dexion's lifetime warranty. Dexion 02 9830 5000.

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