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High density carousel storage system

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WITH floor space at a premium in most warehouses, the installation of high density storage systems offers manufacturers and warehouse operators an economic and efficient solution to product handling.

One of the more versatile, high density, storage systems available is the carousel, which is an efficient, high density store that can be quickly accessed.

Carousels provide a range of significant benefits in warehouse and distribution centre environments, including efficient space utilisation, accuracy of pick, reduction of pick times and the ability to be climate controlled.

A major advantage is the availability of selection options to suit specific applications or picking processes.

Dexion supplies a complete range of carousel systems, including vertical, horizontal and tower carousels.

The Industrial Paternoster (IPN) vertical carousel is a microprocessor-controlled storage and retrieval system, ideal for small parts such as automotive spares. Product is stored on shelves, revolving around a central spine and presented to the operator for picking.

This is a flexible system that can be tailored to suit individual applications for optimum space utilisation, including installation in below floor pits, in roof profile, extended through ceiling or floor above or a double storey configuration.

The basic benefits of the vertical carousel are shorter picking routes, less waiting time and a safe operating environment for personnel and goods, when compared to traditional storage in racks or shelving.

Maximum security is provided for stored parts, which can either be stored in bulk, cartons or plastic bins on the carrier shelves.

Each carrier shelf, which is available in widths of 2850 and 4100mm, is capable of supporting up to 600kg, with total capacities up to 15,600kg, depending on carrier depth.

Because of its small footprint, the IPN system can be easily integrated into existing handling facilities in production and logistics applications.

Control of the vertical carousel can be handled by a modular system with simple functions right up to a fully integrated host communication system.

Up to seven IPN's can be connected into one work group using Dexion's PaterNet software system, which uses a common memory for stock and picking from each unit in the group.

The HOCA horizontal carousel is similar in operation to the vertical unit, except the shelf carriers move in a horizontal plane instead of vertically.

This system is versatile in the type of product it can handle efficiently and it has been particularly popular where storage of products with largely variable dimensions is required in the one system.

Manufacturers and distributors of flat packed products, such as clothing garments, have found the HOCA system to be extremely efficient for storage and retrieval of product.

Complete order systems can be accomplished using multiple HOCA systems. Each HOCA carousel incorporates a local communication bus system, to which peripheral equipment such as keyboards, display, barcode scanner and counting scales are connected.

Where multiple units are operating in a combined system, the HOCA bus system supports the use of a global bus connection or over-riding warehouse management system.

Efficiency of the HOCA system is managed by an in-built microprocessor, which uses specific algorithms for route optimisation.

The Dexion CTS Tower System is a dynamic, high density storage system, typically used for bulkier, heavier product, such as mining and machine tools.

Unlike the vertical and horizontal carousels, where the product moves continuously around a central spine, the CTS Tower incorporates stationary shelving with an internal lift table system moving product from the shelving to the operator.

Tray capacities in the CTS Tower carousel range up to 500kg with total weight capacity for the standard system ranging up to 40 tonnes.

Up to seven CTS or IPN units can be linked together as a group and controlled from a central management system. Dexion 02 9830 5000.

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