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article image Dexion Movo powered compactus.

THREE new mobile storage systems -- one powered and two gravity fed -- have been launched by Dexion. They are the Dexion Movo powered compactus, the Pallet Flow Through (gravity) system and the Pallet Push Back (gravity) system.

Each of the new systems can be tailored to suit the exact requirements of each installation, maximising both operating efficiency and storage capacity.

Mobile storage systems provide the ability to minimise the number of aisles required, yet increase density of storage without sacrificing speed or accessibility.

Fork lift trucks need to travel less distance to store and retrieve pallets in mobile systems. Consequently, efficiency gains extend to materials handling operations as well as storage capabilities.

The new Dexion Movo powered compactus combines the storage capacity of block stacking with the accessibility of single pallet storage systems.

It virtually doubles the storage capacity of conventional fixed pallet racking by allowing aisles to be created between racks when and where required by simply sliding the racks along a track system.

The Dexion system, which can be installed using existing racking structures, provides direct access to all stock on a first-in first-out basis.

As well as providing more effective use of warehouse space, Movo systems realise savings in energy costs, such as heating, cooling, lighting and fork lift truck operation.

Powered aisle opening can be incorporated in the Movo system through remote radio control, saving time and further enhancing efficiency.

Dexion's new Pallet Flow Through and Pallet Push Back systems utilise hardened steel rollers to support pallets at the centre and both sides. These rollers are small in diameter and are set close together to aid in the smooth flow of pallets.

An automatic braking system is incorporated to regulate pallet speed and is designed to instantly adjust to maintain a safe speed, regardless of pallet weight. Traditional braking systems generally have difficulty handling large weight variances.

The new Pallet Flow Through racking is a first in first out system with pallets being fed into the system from one side and retrieved from the aisle on the opposite side.

This eliminates double handling from the receiving area and automatically achieves stock rotation.

With the pallet rollers sloping slightly towards the pick face, replenishment of palletised product is automatically achieved through the force of gravity.

As well as controlling the travel speed of the pallet, the automatic braking system also ensures pallets are maintained end to end.

This system can be designed to store up to 12 pallets or more in each bay. A picker holdback feature can be incorporated into the Pallet Flow Through system for ease of operation and empty pallet removal.

Operating on a last in first out basis, the new Dexion Pallet Push Back system stores pallets of like product on rollers up to four deep on a slight upward incline.

Pallets are stored and retrieved from the same aisle with gravity feeding the pallet to the pick face, similar to the Pallet Flow Through system but on a last in first out principle.

The Push Back system reduces handling and pick times because the front pallet is available at all times. This stock accessibility feature of the system makes order processing more efficient.

The pick face is automatically replenished by gravity feed system.

A variety of materials handling equipment may be used with the system and as fork lift trucks never enter the rack, potential rack damage is avoided. Dexion 02 9830 5000.

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