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Dexion’s Project Management, a key driver for business

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With a key release, Dexion Australia has confirmed that Project Management has become a key driver for the business, and Stuart Macnab, General Manager of the newly formed Dexion Project Management Group offers a better understanding of its role, aim and objectives.

According to Stuart, Project Management has always been a key discipline for Dexion and an important element of overall offering; but with the team Dexion now has, it has decided to redefine the term Project Management, to the extent that it is integral to everything it does.

The team culture is based on managing projects, The Dexion Way, which supports the current Smarter Thinking theme for the business.

Dexion’s approach includes a complete understanding of the customer’s requirements, and assisting in the creation, implementation and integration of a unique solution for that customer. Managing a project The Dexion Way is all well and good but it does not communicate to the customer Dexion’s commitment to making the integration of the solution as seamless as possible.

Dexion Project Management has deliberately set the bar high, and plans to meet and exceed the customer’s high expectations of delivery on time, in full and on budget.

To demonstrate the benefits and value of The Dexion Way to a potential customer, a member of the Project Management team is involved from day one, and supports the development of the storage and handling solution. Risks are identified and reduce the likelihood of threats arising. Also, realistic targets that are based on a thorough understanding of the complexities of the project are set. The experience and intimate knowledge of the project adds to the teams’ ability to create a unique and seamless solution from day one. 

What does this mean for Dexion’s customers?
The involvement of Project Managers will assist in demonstrating the benefits and value of the solution to the customer.

The creation of the Dexion Project Management Group is designed to ensure that its solutions are fully integrated into the customer’s business, that strategic alliances are developed with that customer. Dexion’s wants to partner its customers and be involved in their business and help make decisions at strategic levels. For this to succeed, Dexion has identified a number of mission critical issues that are addressed at the beginning of each project to ensure a successful integration of the Dexion solution.

In Dexion’s opinion, a clear vision has to be defined from the outset and communicated to the customer; Dexion then sets measurable targets to ensure the project remains on track and is successfully implemented.

For the Project Management Team, a focus on maintaining speed and momentum is critical, with each team member prepared to make tough decisions early to relieve anxiety and prevent delayed decisions as the project progresses.

It is about communicating with the customer. Dexion provides its customers with a transparent relationship throughout the duration of the implementation and long after the project has been commissioned. It is for Dexion to ensure that any problems be addressed immediately and openly.

Strong focus on risk management and cultural integration
A key communication tool is Windows based E-Project Enterprise, sitting on a web based platform. E-Project is a repository of information relating to each project, information and detail that is updated in real time, and can be accessed by the customer at any time and from anywhere. E-Project also allows the customer to track transactions, to monitor the progress of the project and issues raised, and provide total transparency.

To ensure a successful outcome, for both Dexion and the customer, there has to be a strong focus on risk management. All works and stages need to be managed via a formal program, with dedicated resources within an infrastructure responsible for tracking and controlling each and every stage. Where possible risks need to be anticipated and prepared for, and issues resolved as soon as they surface.

Every Dexion solution will have a significant impact on its customer’s operation, so these changes need to be identified, and any cultural change issues addressed and integrated into a transition plan.

Dexion also understands that for its solution to provide the anticipated benefits, it has to be owned at an operational level, so with every project Dexion is committed to addressing issues relating to cultural change through an educational program that includes literature and work shops to ensure that everyone is integrated into the transition plan.

So, in Dexion’s opinion, open and transparent communication is the key issue to successful project management and implementation. The Dexion Project Management Group is committed to communicate rapidly, honestly, frequently, and effectively with all levels of the customer’s employees.

The Team
Dexion has worked hard to build a team that has the right mix of industry experience and dedication to developing relationships with its customers. So Dexion has recruited experts in their chosen fields and promoted individuals from within Dexion.

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