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Dexion on issues in racking system

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Current trends in the racking and storage industry with a number of suppliers importing so-called major brand compatible racking products poses potential safety, performance and warranty risks to customers using such products.

That is the view of Dexion and they see safety and a lack of true conformance with Australian and international standards as a major issue for users of some imported racking products.

Customer safety drives every aspect of product design and manufacture at Dexion

And as a market leader, Dexion are duty bound to advise customers to do some serious homework before purchasing products that are described as major brand compatible.

Before accepting unqualified statements about conformance with Australian standards, statements currently made by several importing companies, Dexion strongly recommend that customers ask for load tables, which include data generated from design analysis and testing carried out in accordance with Australian Standard AS4084.

In addition, customers should carefully scrutinise any warranty that is offered and ask the supplier about the long-term and on-going availability of the products.

Redmond pointed out that Dexion and other leading rack suppliers cannot warrant a storage system that includes both brand-name and brand compatible components.

Likewise, Dexion and other suppliers cannot confirm load carrying capacity or provide structural certification for such configurations.

In Dexion case, genuine Dexion racking products have been rigorously tested to ensure that they meet Australian standards.

In fact Dexion products are now tested to ensure they meet the most stringent requirements of all, the world-class standard, FEM Code 10.2.02.

Also, at Dexion, the base steels they use are of the highest calibre, and the manufacturing process includes critical quality and tolerance checks. So Dexion can guarantee the structural capability of its products, certify load carrying capacity and back its racking products with a lifetime warranty.

To assist customers to verify the source of their racking products, Dexion has begun marking components with new identifiers that will also allow future product traceability.

According to Dexion, apart from safety, performance and warranty issues, there are further angles for customers to consider. In Dexion experience, these will-fit importers generally bring in a limited range of standard sizes. This means that customers will find it difficult get the right solution for their particular problem.

In contrast, at Dexion, complete and comprehensive range of uprights and beams are custom-designed to provide tailored solutions without compromise. Dexion markets a number of leading brands including Keylock and Deepstor.

Dexion are an Australian company selling Australian made and designed pallet racking products distributed and supported by a national network of outlets.

Dexion have been around for over 55 years and have seen suppliers come and go, and many issues affecting the storage industry during this period.

Dexion concern is first and foremost for the safety of storage system operators and other personnel working around racking and storage products.

With brand compatible storage products having the potential to be a genuine safety risk, Dexion suggest that any customer contemplating the purchase of imported product ask these questions relating to safety, performance and warranty.

In this way, they can be confident that they are choosing the right supplier and product.

Any doubts could be well founded and leading suppliers such as Dexion are happy to assist by answering any questions; advice doesn’t cost, but brand compatible products might.

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