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Dexion launches Specialist storage range for important items and collections

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Leading storage and materials handling specialist Dexion offers a range of tailored storage solutions for museums and galleries.

Specifically designed to protect and preserve precious artefacts, scientific specimens, art objects, textiles and collections, Dexion’s Specialist storage systems are intelligently engineered and feature a contemporary, sleek aesthetic.

At the forefront of the latest innovations and technologies in this continuously expanding sector, Dexion is one of the only suppliers in the market to deliver a dedicated range of high quality, flexible and secure storage solutions. Dexion’s Specialist systems combine high-density, adaptable storage with easily accessible space-saving features to meet the needs of modern facilities.

Dexion understands that space is at a premium for many art and collections facilities. Space optimisation is particularly important for expanding collections; therefore Dexion’s solutions are developed to maximise internal storage.

To ensure the protection, security and preservation of artefacts, Dexion’s range has been designed to exceed the high standards of conservation practice for every type of museum collection. Developed with operator safety and convenience in mind, the storage systems meet world’s best practice for preservation of all types of collections.

Dexion’s three core products in the Specialist range include Eclipse Power Compactus; Specialist Cabinets; and Mobile Art Racks.

Dexion Eclipse Power Compactus
A state-of-the-art mobile storage unit that operates at the touch of a button, Eclipse Power Compactus boasts a host of features and customised design options for safety, guidance, security and lighting. So versatile that it can be configured to suit virtually any gallery or museum requirement, this Specialist storage system offers the flexibility to evolve with the space.

Designed for safety, reliability and ease of use, the Eclipse allows almost any type of storage medium to be fitted to the carriages to facilitate the storage of a wide range of items. Storage mediums include shelving, cabinets and pallet racking.

Key features of Eclipse Power Compactus storage systems include light-immune photo sweep; aisle entry sensor; ‘Zero Force’ sensor; auto brake; programmable carriages; system key lock; waist high lock; track-based anti-tilt system; synchronised drive system; integrated aisle and bay lighting; programmable speed; standard, simple touch-pad control; security touchpads with user-tracking capabilities; and block/sequential movement.

The Eclipse comes with a wide range of accessories and is available in a selection of colours and finishes.

Dexion Specialist Cabinets
Trusted by museums and galleries around the world, the Dexion Specialist cabinet is the ultimate in collections storage systems. Specially designed to protect and store valuable collections of all shapes and sizes, from priceless artwork to scientific specimens and textiles, as well as archive natural history pieces, these secure, high-density cabinets are built to protect and preserve all types of collections.

The Specialist Cabinet series is world class when it comes to quality and value, with the cabinets available in a variety of sizes that are universally adaptable. The robust steel construction and non-reactive, solvent-free durable powder coat finishes ensure long-lasting durability.

Key features of Dexion storage cabinets include heavy-duty runners; powder coat finish; silicone gasket; flush locking hardware; drawers and shelves vertically adjustable on 25mm centres; charcoal filter vent for passive air filtration; base with levellers on all four corners and fitted with adjustable feet; all glass doors with 6mm laminated safety glass; and choice of colours, including Cottonwood, Tan, Designer Grey and Black.

The Dexion Specialist Cabinet series includes a variety of combinations such as double door cabinets, double door hanging rod cabinets and single door cabinets. Depending on the model, these cabinets are ideal for artefact storage, flat textile storage, rolled textile storage, botanical and entomological specimens, maps, blueprints, large documents, or mammal, reptile and amphibian specimens among many others.

Dexion Mobile Art Racks
The Dexion Mobile Art Rack not only protects precious articles in museums and galleries, but also conserves valuable floor space. The ultimate in secure, protective, space optimising storage, the mobile art racks offer greater capacity with double-sided mesh screens that allow galleries to hang art on both sides of the rack without interference. The mesh is also flush with posts to allow flexibility in painting arrangements. The result is a limitless suite of hanging arrangements, which is essential when floor space is at a premium.

So space efficient that it can store the equivalent amount of artwork of a conventional pull-out art rack using half the floor space, the Dexion Mobile Art Rack is available in nested and non-nested carriage configurations.

Dexion Mobile Art Racks feature steel construction for durability and sturdy design, in-rail anti-tilt mechanism and roller guide bearings for superior tracking and extended lifetime; powder coat painted panels and carriages to protect art from off-gassing; hand-controlled manual system for smooth and simple operation; double-faced, woven steel mesh design to hang artwork on both sides; wall-mounted panels supplied standard with mounting brackets and rectangular mesh screen on the side; and face panels tailored to nested and non-nested carriages, and available with or without handles. Tracks can be nested for maximum density. 

Ideal for storage of paintings and framed artwork, textiles and tapestries or any other precious item that benefits from being stored in a flat hanging configuration, art racks can be installed on existing floors or planned in a new construction.

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