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Gravitas X75, available from Dewar Electronics is an ultra-compact, integrated DC power system in both a base and expanded configurations. The base system is a 1RU shelf holding up to three hot-swap rectifier modules. This system produces up to 1958 watts output at -54.4, +27.2 or +13.6VDC.

The Gravitas X75 power systems can also be operated as a 2+1 redundant system with up to 1305 watts output. The expanded system consists of a base shelf plus an expander shelf with a 2RU total height. This system holds up to six rectifier modules with up to 3916 watts output; it can be operated as a 5+1 redundant system with up to 3264 watts output..

Features of Gravitas X75 power systems:

  • There are up to five circuit-breaker protected DC outputs or up to 10 GMT fuse protected outputs on the base system. A battery string breaker and a low-voltage battery disconnect are standard features.
  • The expander shelf comes with a ribbon cable and connectors to link the signals between the two units at their rear panels.
  • Gravitas X75 power systems also come with bus bar links to parallel the rectifier output bus bars.
  • The system can also be operated as a battery backup, single feed power system (without load circuit breakers or fuses).
  • The remote access controller monitors the system parameters and has alarms for system failures. There are six red LED alarms which indicate a failure.
  • A green LED indicates that the controller is operating. Four Form C relay outputs give alarms: Major Alarm, Minor Alarm, Rectifier Alarm and AC Input Alarm.
  • The controller is programmed by means of a remote PC webpage display.
  • Communication is by Ethernet LAN with an SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) alarm option.
  • Gravitas X75 power systems also have provision for temperature compensated. 
Gravitas X75 power systems meets several safety standards:  EN60950-1, UL60950-1, CSA22.2

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