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article image The Magnum 6K32TRC Managed Ethernet Switch.

GARRETTCOM Inc's new Magnum 6K32TRC Managed Ethernet Switch builds on the Gigabit port accessibility of its companion 6K32T managed switch with the first free-convection-cooled, high-port-count industrial switch.

This opens up un-clean control rooms, substations and plant operations areas to larger and more powerful Ethernet switches that can withstand dusty, high-particulate-count environments that could cause early fan-failure in forced-convection designs.

The 6K32TRC retains the high flexibility and low cost-per-port of the fan-cooled 6K32T, permitting up to four Gigabit ports to be added in a number of configurations.

For more than five years, GarrettCom has recognised a need for both free- and forced-convection thermal designs, permitting their Magnum switches to operate reliably in a wider range of applications than manufacturers wedded to a single design strategy.

While free-convection cooling has been a popular design choice for many small industrial switches that have sometimes been used where high air-borne pollutant levels are an issue, the new 6K32TRC is the first large rack-mount 32-port industrial switch that is free-convection cooled. New static thermal design breakthroughs (patent pending) from GarrettCom make this possible.

The 6K32TRC is a highly flexible entry in GarrettCom's 6K Managed Switch Series that is hardened for factories and other heavy duty environments.

With the growing need for Gigabit throughput, the new 6K32TRC switch offers the greatest configuration flexibility and the highest Gigabit capability in its price class.

User-selectable Gigabit transceiver modules, auto-negotiating 10/100/1000 Gigabit copper and a variety of fibre cabling types and distances allow custom port-type flexibility based on application requirements.

The Magnum 6K32TRC is designed for use in power utilities and other industrial networks to support multiple Gigabit backbone interconnections among network centres and protection from particulate contaminants.

Magnum 6K32TRC switches provide a LAN infrastructure that can connect to communications computers, routers, industrial controllers, streaming video input devices, or other switches.

Like other switches in the Magnum 6K line, the 6K32TRC switch can support a total port count of 32 using any mix of 10/100 copper and fibre ports.

Up to two of the Gigabit port modules can be traded off against 4-port 10/100 modules.

Gigabit port modules can include two Gigabit fixed ports or two GBIC open transceiver ports, or one Gigabit port with other 100Mb fibre and copper ports combinations.

Managed switch software for the new 6K32TRC is the Magnum MNS-6K product, which runs across the family of 6K switches. The industry-leading Secure Web Manager provides a graphical user interface (GUI) and secure web access via Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

With SNMPv3, RADIUS and TACACS+ and many other security features proven over years of customer use, the MNS-6K software is the security leader in industrial switches.

The 6K32TRS switch is easy to install and operate. Addresses of attached nodes are automatically learned and maintained, adapting the switching services to network changes and expansions to provide plug-and-play operation.

The Magnum 6K32TRC switch is available with 24Vdc, 125Vdc, or -48Vdc power, or worldwide ac, and it shares the high-port-density compactness of the 6K32 switch, taking up only 1U of 19" or ETSI or 23" Telco rack space.

The Magnum 6K32TRC switch is part of a broad family line of off-the- shelf switches that share a family of port modules for user configurability and the same MNS-6K software.

GarrettCom's 6K series of managed switches are designed for heavy duty applications and are NEBS and ETSI rated. They are available from Dewar Electronics Pty Ltd .

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