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Dewar Electronics who are representatives of Dimat in Australia are pleased to introduce the trame+ Packet-switching system.

The trame+ packet-switching system has been specially designed to make the advantages of the packet-switching networks for telecontrol applications available to utility companies, taking special care on fulfilling the requirements of reliability and immunity against electromagnetic disturbances, which are especially important in the power utility sector.

The main application of the trame+ system is the creation of meshed transport networks with telecontrol service, where the integration with other data services is also possible. In addition to the telecontrol application, this integration also enables the network to be simultaneously used for other applications.

The design of the hardware and the routing algorithms has been optimised in order to comply with the transmission delay requirements specified in the IECDD870-5-101 and IECDD870-5-104 standards that apply to telecontrol systems, while the available communication protocols ensure the level of data integrity required by these standards.

trame+ equipment is 2U 19-inch rack installable, offering up to ten user interfaces. Two of these are for LAN interfaces with 10/100 Base-Tx; the other eight can act as user-interfaces or network-interfaces and be equipped with any of three serial communications modules available, for different physical media.

Key features

. Ability to manage any network topology

. Automatic adaptability to topological and traffic changes

. High immunity against electromagnetic disturbances

. Integrated network supervision

. High degree of data integrity

. Up to 8 priority levels

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