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New version industrial router available from Dewar Electronics

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Dewar Electronics  has announced that GarrettCom is adding a new model to their groundbreaking line of Serial-IP converters that extend security and resiliency and network management to distributed serial devices in power substations and other harsh industrial environments.

The DX900 industrial router enables remote network connectivity to substations, transportation systems and other remote industrial sites using digital WAN services such as DDS, T1/E1, frame relay, TDM, IP and MPLS-based VPN services.

The versatility of the DX900 increases cost effectiveness in many applications where a combination of WAN access, IP routing, Ethernet switching, serial-IP terminal services and advanced security features is provided in a single compact device.

The DX900 provides IP routing over frame relay and local Ethernet connections, including routing on a per-VLAN basis.

Serial-IP terminal services support diverse serial interfaces and protocols including DNP, telnet, raw mode and Modbus-ASCII/RTU to Modbus-TCP interworking DX900 SCADA frame forwarding provides low-overhead, high-performance encapsulation for legacy SCADA protocols over a digital TDM or frame relay WAN.

Compact packaging makes the DX900 suitable for smaller and mid-sized remote sites such as distribution substations and transportation control pedestals.

The DX900 is 9” by 9.5” and one 1.75” rack unit deep, with mounting options for panels, DIN rails or 19” racks. Integration of wide-input auto-ranging power supplies and of telco-compatible CSU/DSU functionality into the base DX900 product further reduces space requirements and local wiring complexity.

The DX900 is purpose built for harsh environments such as power utility substations.

The DX900 meets IEEE 1613 and IEC 61850-3 specifications for EMI/ESD protection and operates at -40 to +85° C without open vent holes or fans. Hard metal packaging is standard and conformal coating is also available.

Cyber security capabilities cover both electronic perimeter protection for remote sites and management security for the DX900 itself.

The DX900 provides IP firewall features including address/port inspection/filtering, NAT/PAT (address translation), and IPsec and SSL Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) with strong 3DES and AES encryption and both shared key (PSK) and X.509 certificates.

Management security includes encrypted interfaces (HTTPS, SSH, S-FTP and SNMPv3 multilevel userIDs with strong form passwords, and authentication via radius.

Advanced statistics and event recording are available with downloadable local logs, SNMP MIBs and traps and syslog remote logging. A flexible integrated protocol analyser provides remote trouble shooting and detailed traffic analysis.

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