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Modbus TCP is now available in MNS-DX 1.3 for DX800 and DX40 Serial Device Routers

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article image Modbus TCP in MNS-DX 1.3 for DX800 and DX40 Serial Device Routers

Magnum DX800 and DX40 Serial Device Routers supplied by Dewar Electronics allow users to integrate existing and new Modbus/RTU and Modbus/ASCII serial devices with newer TCP/IP network devices.

Modbus fieldbus technology allows for serial communications between many devices connected to the same network. For example, Modbus is often used to connect a supervisory computer with a remote terminal unit (RTU) in serial supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Modbus/TCP, an extension of Modbus/RTU, defines how Modbus/RTU and Modbus/ASCII messages are encoded within and transported over TCP/IP-based networks.

Major features of the MNS-DX Modbus/TCP functionality include:

Simultaneous client and server operation, including support for multiple serial master and slave Modbus devices

Support for both the ASCII and RTU serial protocol variants

Modbus Plus gateway exceptions provide feedback to master devices when network configuration or communication errors occur

There are configurable timeouts on both the client and server side. This provides maximum flexibility for connecting to a wide variety of serial Modbus devices

Combining features of a Serial Device Server, Ethernet Switch and IP Router in a single product, Magnum DX Serial Device Routers deliver secure multi-protocol networking in a compact, rugged package built for heavy-duty industrial sites, substations, and other harsh environments.

Each DX unit serves as a multi-protocol concentration and access point for a fiber-based Ethernet connection to a small site.

Encrypted per-session SSL and IPsec VPN capabilities, along with other industrial firewall and port security features, assure cyber-security protections will extend cost effectively all the way to end-point devices and small facilities.

The DX Serial Device Routers introduce a new concept in industrial networking - the Dynamic Serial Edge. Traditional Serial/IP Ethernet products relegated serial devices to static roles. New requirements such as Cyber Security move serial devices into an integral role in Industrial Networks.

  • Hardened for harsh industrial environments
  • IEEE 1613 / IEC 61850-3 for power utility substations
  • Serial and Ethernet interfaces (both RJ-45 and 100Mb fibre SFP/SFF)
  • Multiprotocol support including: Async and SCADA to TCP/IP; IP Routing; RSTP; Serial multipoint and Multimaster topologies
  • Cyber-Security protection including: Serial SSL; Secure HTTP; IPSec encrypted VPNs; Ethernet port security; TCP/IP firewall; Serial port SSL; Per-Serial port VLANs
  • For secure serial lines, GCI offers Tactical Software's Serial/IP® COM Port Redirector which creates virtual COM ports with SSL encryption.
  • Modbus TCP is now available in MNS-DX 1.3 for DX800 and DX40 Serial Device Routers
  • Web GUI, XML
  • Industrial firewall appliance
  • SNMP management
  • AC and DC power options

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