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MNS-6K v4.1 and MNS-6K-SECURE v14.1 software for Industrial Ethernet Switches from Dewar Electronics

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The Magnum MNS-6K v4.1 and MNS-6K-SECURE v14.1 from Dewar Electronics , are software used in the managed 6K range of Industrial Ethernet switches manufactured by GarrettCom.

It offers quick recovery for rings and meshes through industry-standard RSTP-2004. Additionally, Magnum 6K hardware modules are supported with 6K PoE combo modules for Gigabit and four 10/100 copper PoE ports. Other enhancements include the option to set the depth of the CLI history commands, support for STP and RSTP enterprise traps and IGMP interoperability and reliability extended with SSDP and VRRP Cisco-proprietary protocols.

The release of MNS-6K-SECURE v14.1 offers a new SNTP Server that provides synchronised time services for the network. It is implemented in a 6K switch and useful for applications such as video surveillance where there is time-dependency for information and where several network devices attached to computers and databases need to be time-coordinated.

The RSTP-2004 version is implemented in MNS-6K and MNS-6K-SECURE software to support the rings and meshes that are big and fast.

For combinations of both managed and unmanaged Industrial Ethernet switches in a ring, S-Ring is available. S-Ring is unique in its capability to support un-managed and managed products. S-Ring is economical than RSTP that only supports managed switches and routers.

In addition to RSTP-2004 and S-Ring, GarrettCom redundant LAN networks offers Dual Homing for high-availability edge devices, Link Aggregation Control Protocol support for multiple parallel media paths and Spanning Tree Protocol for use with legacy LAN hubs and switches. GarrettCom leads the industrial networking industry in the range of choices for redundant and reliable LAN and WAN networks.

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