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All of Lantech Industrial SNMP Ethernet Switches, available from Dewar Electronics , now have built in IGMP Query and Snooping function, called as One touch IGMP to eliminate L3 Query router for Surveillance applications.

With the increasing demand of surveillance in transportation applications, the need to use hardened switches for surveillance networks is increasing.

Monitoring traffic, communities, factory lines, warehouses, pharmaceutical processes, airports and many other places in order to improve efficiency or prevent intruders or record the crime scenes, are the best applications for CCTV, IP Cameras together with Industrial Switches.

However, to cope with large image files flowing through the network and not causing network jams, is important with such applications.

The IGMP protocol can reduce network traffic dramatically by handling multicast packets effectively. Picture a surveillance network with 20-30 or more IP-Cameras or analogue Cameras all sending the MPEG or H.264 real time image frames back to the central PC servers or Digital Video Recorders (D\/Rs).

You of course don’t want to flood the network with all the high resolution images resulting in crashing the network and losing the important images that really need to be restored. Also you want to retrieve the important images remotely from the central control upon request.

The network technology one could use to utilise in such a surveillance network is IGMP v2 or v3. IGMP v2 or v3 are the schemes to send the requested video streams to the target destination in the IP network.

IP Multicast is an application that requires IGMP Query and IGMP Snooping. In an IP Multicasting network, a Query mode must be enabled first otherwise the switch would not know that group members exist.

Query mode is usually built in a L3 router; however, Lantech Industrial Ethernet Switches have built-in IGMP Query and Snooping mode.

This makes the Lantech Industrial Ethernet Switches ideal to be used in Transportation, Factory Automation, Warehouse, Traffic Control, Community Surveillance applications.

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