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High-port density industrial Ethernet switch

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article image Suitable for building a switched network infrastructure.

DEWAR Electronics has launched a new managed switch, the Magnum 6K32T, that has been added to the range of GarrettCom Industrial Ethernet products.

The 6K32T managed switch offers up to 32-ports in a 1U rack-mount package, ideal for heavy duty carrier class and industrial applications that require high-port density to save in cost and rack space.

The 6K32T provides 16 fixed 10/100Mb copper ports plus two configuration slots. The modular slots provide the flexibility to configure up to sixteen 100Mb fibre ports, and/or some 10Mb fibre ports, and/or one to four Gigabit ports, or some more copper ports.

Standard GBIC ports can be configured for a variety of Gigabit fibre cabling types and distances.

Magnum 6K32T managed switches come with LAN software support including SNMP management, SNMPcTM and OpenviewTM for Windows, Secure Web Management, redundant LANs support and many network management security and ease-of-use features.

High performance hardware features include non-blocking wire speed on all ports and 802.1p QoS Traffic Prioritisation.

Magnum 6K32Ts are ‘plug-and-play’ ready for use as backbone switches where a mix of bursty data traffic and priority streaming traffic for VoIP and audio/video applications is present. Fan cooling provides long operating life and increased system availability.

Magnum 6K32Ts are suitable for building a switched network infrastructure when used in applications connected to communications computers, routers, hubs, or other switches.

Designed for use in Carrier Ethernet and industrial networks with segments requiring multiple Gigabit backbone interconnections among network centres, the Magnum 6K32T is easy to install and operate.

Addresses of attached nodes are automatically learned and maintained, adapting the switching services to network changes and expansions to provide plug-and-play operation.

Magnum 6K32T managed switches have rugged metal cases and auto-ranging power supplies for operation with standard ac power worldwide. Internal dc power supplies are optional.

The 6K32Ts and all other Magnum products are designed and manufactured in the US and backed by a three year warranty.

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