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GarrettCom’s magnum Ethernet edge switches available from Dewar Electronics

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GarrettCom, represented by Dewar Electronics , extends the capabilities of its compact but powerful 6-port Magnum ES42 Edge Switches and ESD42 Dual-homing Edge Switches and PES42P Power-over-Ethernet Edge Switches with a line-up of IPS42 integrated power supply packages.

With more than 1600 individual Edge Switch configurations available, the compact packaged IPS42 products offer integrated AC/DC, 125 VDC dual source, 48 VDC dual source 24 VDC dual source, or integrated AC power input. The customer simply specifies the power supply package and Edge Switch combination desired at the time the order is placed. All IPS42 power supplies are UL Listed for user safety.

“GarrettCom’s intent is to provide the highest level of flexibility for configuring the right industrial Ethernet switch for the right edge access network applications,” said Frank Madren, GarrettCom president. “Our Magnum Edge Switches offer 100Mb fibre ports for fast uplink or for redundant LANs, much more practical solutions than traditional small unmanaged switches in today’s industrial networking facilities. The expanded range of integrated power supplies meets the growing need for hardened, small-footprint, reliable edge switches in heavy duty deployments.”

GarrettCom decided to offer a configurable set of integrated power supply features in a factory-configured compact (6.0 x 5.5 x 1.7 in. (15.2 x 14.0 x 4.3cm)) IPS42 + Edge Switch package because of customer requests in three key applications areas:

Magnum Edge Switches, either industrial hardened for factory-floor or premium outdoor temperature-rated, integrated with an AC/DC power supply for out-of-the-box use in 61850-compliant substations and in control system cabinets and labs worldwide.

Magnum PoE Edge Switches with integrated AC power supplies for video surveillance applications. For example, it takes only one AC outlet to power up to four PoE-enabled video cameras or badge readers for security, as well as a high-speed fibre media uplink to the control centre. This is the first unmanaged PoE edge switch that is not burdened with an outboard AC box, capable of deployment in small spaces in harsh environments.

Dual-source DC power input and Dual-Homing ESD42 Edge Switches provide high level of availability for critical applications. GarrettCom’s fast-recovery Link-Loss-Learn feature for ring topologies provides an additional high-speed fault-recovery capability.

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