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GarrettCom introduces line of serial-IP converters

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Dewar electronics has announced that GarrettCom, is introducing a groundbreaking line of serial-IP converters that extend security and resilience and network management to distributed serial devices in power substations and other harsh industrial environments.

The Magnum DX line of serial device routers provides intelligent serial-to-IP/Ethernet protocol services that integrate the large installed base of devices that use serial data protocols for SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and remote device console access.

 The magnum DX serial device routers provide what the company calls a dynamic serial edge for hardened industrial networks that combines the features of a serial-IP device server, Ethernet switch, IP router and IP firewall in a compact, substation-hardened product with a variety of field mounting and power supply options.

The magnum DX800 serial device router supports four serial interfaces and four Ethernet ports, including two fibber ports. The Magnum DX40 serial device routers provides two serial ports and two Ethernet ports, one or both of which may be fibber.

In contrast to more basic Serial-IP devices such as terminal servers and device servers, the magnum DX serial device routers provide network resiliency via secure, dual-connection fibber-optic Ethernet ports and software features such as RSTP and dynamic IP routing. The magnum DX series also extends cyber security protections for serial interfaces to the edge of the network via serial port SSL, IP firewall and a unique Serial VLAN capability. 

According to GarrettCom, the Magnum DX series demonstrates the integration of GarrettCom and Dymec technologies, GarrettCom’s sophisticated serial device routers combine the substation-hardened equipment standards and multi-protocol networking that Dymec was noted for, with the managed industrial Ethernet core network that has been the focal point of GarrettCom. 

The Magnum DX products will be offered to power utilities by GarrettCom Utility Networks, an industry-focused sales and marketing organization within GarrettCom that brings special attention and support to the demanding and expanding power utility industry. Its particular expertise and market concentration is on substation network applications.

GarrettCom Utility Networks is built upon the heritage of Dymec, Inc., recently acquired by GarrettCom, and provides sales, technical support, training and professional services for GarrettCom’s power utility customers that includes the full line of Magnum Ethernet switches, Dymec Serial Links and Optical Stars, and DynaStar multi-protocol networking products.

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