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article image GarrettCom Edge Switch.

THE GarrettCom range of Magnum factory and shop floor Ethernet products are now have available from Dewar Electronics.

Their small package size make an ideal fit on control room walls or inside of a control box in production areas where they are typically co-located with factory automation, production control, PLCs and process control equipment.

The Magnum Factory Floor products have been designed for industrial use and include a wide selection of 10Mb and 100Mb switches, hubs and media converters.

Fibre ports are integrated in most products, supporting factory distances as well as providing noise immunity and future-proof bandwidth.

These Magnum products are UL, CE, and FCC tested and have high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure).

The factory floor and outdoor models have integral dc power terminal blocks for 12V, 24V, or 48Vdc power input, DIN-rail mounting, conformal coating (optional) and offer many unique features (including industrial PoE switch models) that can make factory LAN applications efficient and cost effective. Application environments can be hardened for factory floor or premium-rated for outdoors.

Products in the range include the Magnum ES42 Edge Switch, which provides six switch ports, zero or one or two of which may be 100Mb fibre, others are 10/100 copper. There is a power alarm relay for monitoring operating status.

The popular Magnum CS14 and CSN14 Converter Switch family combines 100Mb or 10Mb fibre Media Converter and 10/100 Ethernet switch into one unit, which provides one fibre port and two (2) 10/100 copper switch ports.

The Magnum S14 Convenient Switch is a 4-port Ethernet switch (3 in front, one in rear) which adds convenient network edge access connections anywhere including the S14P Power over Ethernet model.

All Magnum products are built conforming to open architectures and industry standards for Ethernet, both hardware and software. There are no proprietary lock-ins, but there are innovative designs (some patent-pending) and unique combinations of features and options.

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