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Dewar Electronics are distributors of DYMEC Products.

This product line provides a family of edge networking products purpose-built for the rigors of power utility substations, carrier offices, and other distributed industrial environments. Capabilities span distributed network requirements from integrated switching, routing and WAN access services, to local area Ethernet switching and connectivity, to serial- and Ethernet-over-fibre links.

DynaStar WAN Access and Integration Industrial Frame Routers (IFR) and Network Integration Systems (NIS) provide a multi-protocol platform combining LAN/WAN switching, routing, terminal server, and frame relay access capabilities. DynaStar supports a wide range of communications interfaces used by multiple generations of remote devices, and enables convergence strategies by supporting IP over Frame relay and Direct to Frame functionality for implementing Virtual Private Lines.

The DS2000-IFR and DS1500-IFR meet IEEE 1613 specifications for electromagnetic interference, temperature and electrical surges, providing a reliable alternative to commercial-grade devices in harsh environments like substations, pumping stations, treatment plants and transportation systems.

They consolidate connections from a number of industrial devices having differing communications interfaces, including bit- or byte-oriented Async serial connections and IP-oriented Ethernet connections. By supporting a wide range of communications interfaces and multiple encapsulation options, the DS-2000-IFR and DS1500-IFR flexibly and cost effectively consolidates multiple generations of remote devices and support systems onto a single integrated network infrastructure as part of an IP convergence strategy.

DYMEC's DynaStar Network Integration Systems (NIS) provide a comprehensive solution for distributed industrial networking. The DynaStar combination of Ethernet switching, routing and legacy protocol support in a modular, hardened platform is ideal for SCADA, carrier OSS, point-of-sale and other industrial applications throughout utilities, carriers, transportation and other challenging environments.

Industrial Ethernet

Ethernet Terminal Server, Ethernet Switch Systems, and Ethernet Media Converters provide flexible copper and fibre solutions to create point-point, hub, star, ring and cascaded physical topologies within industrial installations using Ethernet and Serial interfaces.

The DYMEC family of Ethernet Switch Systems (ESS) provides high performance data connectivity in harsh environments where general-purpose commercial products would fail.

The ESS is purpose built for the rigors of power utility substations, designed to meet C37.90 and IEEE 1613 standards for industrial product hardening. The ESS is also ideal for carrier central offices, intelligent transportation systems, water treatment, pipeline and other industrial applications where reliability is required under challenging conditions

Serial Over Fibre Connectivity

Optical Star and Serial Link products extend data signals over fibre optics to provide reliable data networking and in harsh environments where electrical isolation is required.

DYMEC Optical Stars are ideal for Master/Slave polling applications such as multiple meters, relays and other statistical devices as well as broadcasting IRIG-B to multiple devices where fibre offers extended range and isolation from interference. Optical Stars also allow you to take one or more devices out of service while all others continue to operate. This is invaluable in most applications

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