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DynaStar OS 7.4 software from Dewar Electronics

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Dewar Electronics has announced that GarrettCom’s new software release for the DynaStar line of substation-hardened routers extends the reach of the newer generation carrier data services that are based on MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching).

Incorporating support for MPLS carrier services, DynaStar OS 7.4 software release enables substation planners to take advantage of new MPLS-based carrier services that often offer more cost effective, flexible and secure networking for distributed sites, especially those with a requirement for peer-to-peer communications.

Using DynaStar Substation Routers such as the DS 1500IFR with the new DynaStar software release, network designers for power utility substations and other distributed industrial sites will be able to terminate MPLS-based services in locations with harsh environments where commercial-grade, general purpose networking products would be likely to fail.

Supporting eight serial and five Ethernet interfaces, the DynaStar 1500 Industrial Frame Router (IFR) delivers reliable and secure WAN connectivity to multiple industrial automation devices at the site.

The DynaStar DS1500-IFR is a integrated WAN device specifically designed for industrial monitoring and control networks operating in harsh environments. Combining 5 different networking functions (terminal server, Ethernet switch, IP router, frame relay access device and DSU/CSU), the DS1500-IFR is a device available that can replace multiple WAN communication devices on the network, increasing operational reliability and significantly reducing hardware and deployment costs.

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