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Schwank Gas Radiant Tube Heaters from Devex Systems

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Devex Systems has recently launched a new line of Schwank Gas Radiant Tube Heaters in Australia, which provides innovative, economical and energy efficient radiant heat.

With over 73 years of experience in technological innovation, Schwank is the worldwide market leader of infra-red gas heaters for industrial buildings, sports arenas and other large applications.

Their patented ceramic burner technology creates a long and laminar flame leading to a uniform transfer of energy through the tube ensuring an even distribution of radiant heat.

 This achieves a high level of energy efficiency combined with uniform, comfortable and clean heat distribution.  These heaters have short warm-up times, long life-cycles and come complete with an option for a fully modulation burner control system that adjusts to the actual heat demand through using intuitive technology – another vital element in achieving energy savings.

These German-made gas radiant tube heaters have been extremely well received all over the world and are now available in Australia through Devex Systems –  exclusive distributors of an array of specialized heating, cooling and insulation products.


  • calorSchwank – premium model
  • infraSchwank – standard model
  • novoSchwank – base model

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