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Recyclable paper carry bags and fresh-wedges from Detpak

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Detpak  has launched fresh-wedge, which is a foldable sandwitch wedge and has been specifically designed for kitchen market so that the sandwiches can stay fresh. This wedge from Detpak comes with a clear lid window that is made of anti-fog film. This enables better visibility.

Detpak offers coffee rewind that comes in a three layered PET structure so as to enable the coffee to stay fresh for a long time and the shape of the bag also does not get tampered.

Detpak offers reusable and recyclable paper carry bags that act as a good alternative to the plastic bags. Detpak has established relationship with many organisations such as KESAB & Planet Ark, and both together strive to achieve an eco-friendly environment.

Detpak offers solutions for the bread roll in the form of Wrappa-Roll, which has been designed as a replacement for cutting greaseproof paper sheets into strips and wrapping the napkins around baguettes and rolls. Wrappa-Roll from Detpak comes in a size that fits most bread roll types. When printed to display company brand, this gives a good opportunity for good branding.

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