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Low cost, large format scanning

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article image Scan documents up to A0 size.

A NEW version of an innovative, low cost alternative to conventional large format scanners is now available. DeSKan Express 6, developed by the Shapemakers, scans documents up to A0 (US E-size) using a motorised scanner and specialised software.

Its applications extend to converting paper-based engineering and architectural drawings, and cartographic and geological maps, to digital formats.

DeSKan is also suitable for scanning, without damage, the delicate documents used by Government departments, universities, libraries and museums.

The system is easy to assemble, install and operate, and provides accuracy and image quality comparable to conventional A0 and E-size pass-through scanners at a fraction of their price.

Using a motorised A4 scanning head combined with a precision calibrated guide system and advanced DeSKan software, an operator scans an A0 or E-size drawing in seven vertical strips.

The resulting raster file is a precisely matched, seamless image in 24 or 8 bit colour, 8 bit greyscale or black and white, at resolutions up to a true 600dpi.

DeSKan is available for Windows XP and supports a wide range of image file formats including PCX, BMP, TIFF and JPEG.

The latest version, DeSKan Express 6, offers pull-down menus, on-screen and verbal prompts, numerous raster editing features including layer separation, and high-tech precision engineered components that improve handling, assembly and portability.

An additional benefit is that the motorised scanning head can also be used as a stationary stand-alone desktop scanner for A4 documents.

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