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A new era for the large format scanner market

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Deskan Express 6 is a large format scanner that offers a fast, budget conscious means of having in-house large format colour scanning, where low to medium volumes are involved.

The new and improved Deskan Express 6 is capable of scanning A0 300dpi colour documents in five to seven minutes.

The Deskan Express 6 large format scanner is suitable for digitising maps, drawing, paintings, textiles, designs and illustrations.

The system provides accuracy and image quality comparable to conventional A-zero and E-size scanners at a fraction of the price. The benefit of ownership is a fast return on investment in the shortest possible time.

Ease of use

Deskan Express 6 large format scanner is easy to assemble, install and operate. Using a motorised A4 scanner, a precision calibrated guide system and advanced Deskan software an operator scans an A0 or E size drawing in seven vertical strips. The result is a precisely matched, seamless image in 24 or eight bit colour, eight bit greyscale or black and white up to a true 600 dpi.


Deskan Express 6 applications extend to architectural and engineering drawings, cartographic, textiles, geological maps and digital printing.

The Deskan Express 6 large format scanner is ideal for protecting delicate documents used by government departments, universities, libraries and museums.

Deskan Express 6 large format scanner features:

· Pull-down menus to select scan mode, height, resolution and threshold.

· On-screen and verbal prompts for scan operation.

· Powerful rastor editor and ability to “rubber sheet” the image to real world coordinates.

· High-tech precision engineered components that improve handling, assembly and portability.

· Deskan Express 6 large format scanner can be used as a desktop scanner and will also accept oversized maps.

· Large format scanner designed by accredited member of the Australian Design Institute.

· Superior form and style, enabling safer lifting and easier positioning during operation. An aluminium handle identifies the user end. Movement of the guide entails clasping the handle, lifting the guide and tracking along the rollers to the next position.

· Carriage design reduces scanner drag.

· User-centred design features improve large format scanner assembly and handling.

· Precision engineered materials and component, for example anodised aluminium extrusions, stencilled strengthened glass, and precision bearings feature throughout.

· Deskan Express 6 large format scanner is the most reliable system to date. Intelligent software improves scanning time. Value for money.

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