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Decorative concrete coating products from Designer Concrete Coatings

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Designer Concrete Coatings systems are a modern alternative to standard concrete paving finishes at a competitive price over clay brick or tile alternatives.

Designer Concrete Coatings’ decorative concrete paving systems are formulated to achieve good performance and durability. Drive on, walk on, Designer Concrete Coatings products look good, and are perfect value for money.

With Designer Concrete Coatings, you can resurface dull, existing plain concrete or cast-in-place a brand new pavement.

Designer Concrete Coatings decorative paving products remain virtually maintenance free after application, durable and abrasion resistant to normal pedestrian, vehicular traffic and weather exposure.

Periodically cleaned and resealed from time to time, Designer Concrete Coatings products will maintain aesthetic appeal throughout their design life.

Designer Concrete Coatings system will add real value to your property.

A myriad of end-use options include: Patios, driveways, terraces, services courts, carport floors, shop floors, pathways, entranceways, pool surronds, kitchen, family room floors and many more.

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