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Australian manufacturers are under increased pressure to deliver products to market, quicker and more cheaply than ever before. Peak demands are difficult to manage efficiently, when bottlenecks in Computer Aided Design (CAD) service departments constrict productivity and limit capability. Companies are seeking better ways to control costs and increase market responsiveness.

Engaging CAD services externally may be the solution. Accessing CAD resources through a single supplier provides assured CAD resources, without increasing overheads or employee costs.

Design Assist Partners (DAP) specialise in fast and convenient CAD services to companies experiencing resource shortages. By providing On-Demand CAD services at quoted prices, companies can clear bottlenecks and focus on value adding activities such as product innovation and creative design.

CAD services provided by DAP offer many benefits including:

Expanded skills and potential market share
By utilising DAP’s wide range of CAD competencies for industrial design, engineering through to shop and plant fit out, clients can pitch for projects previously limited by in-house capability.

Operational efficiency and lower fixed costs
Engaging CAD services as required avoids adding to costly overheads such as infrastructure, licensing and employee costs. By aligning CAD service costs to sales, clients can better manage market fluctuations, without spending time and money sourcing, qualifying and re-skilling resources.

Consistent quality and expected outcomes
DAPs professional process is designed to give clients consistent, high quality results. Clients remain in control of projects, which ensures outcomes are consistent with expectations.

Convenient and easy to use
Using external CAD services provide a convenient and easy to use solution. DAP provides resources skilled in the required CAD platform, scaleable to client demand at quoted costs. All projects are delivered through the same Account Manager, so through continuity a strong relationship is formed. 

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